“Jennifer Lynn’s Wisdom Flow Yoga Teacher Training was easily one of the best experiences of my life. Jen is an amazing teacher, one of the best I have had, yoga or otherwise. Her teaching style is very engaging. She kept the group small and hand picked the students for our training, so on top of learning from her, we really learned so much from each other. Everything was so hands on. We taught during the training A LOT, which was great. I left feeling completely prepared to teach yoga and was fully confident being able to translate what she taught us during training into training into my classes and expand and build my teaching.”
~Gin Carter, Marine Biologist, Oahu, HI
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“Jennifer’s yoga teacher training was a beautiful heart opening experience. The small group setting was a perfect environment to share, grow and challenge your own practice in a supportive nurturing environment. Jennifer was able to create a space that allowed us all to push through resistance, personal boundaries and obstacles. Jennifer’s mindfulness allowed us to explore and deepen our practice without restriction or pre-disposed ideals. She challenged us daily and by the end of each day we were full, bright and glowing in the abundance of knowledge and wisdom. Jennifer pushes you to explore your own potential as she builds confidence in your teaching skills. Her philosophy and approach to teaching has weaved its way into the structure of every class I teach. It is about making a change, building community through practice and helping each individual connect with their own inner light finding grace along their life path.”
~Victoria Amato, Oncology Nurse, Seattle, WA
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“The Wisdom Flow Yoga Teacher Training was such an amazing experience! The instructors, Jen and Tom, were so knowledgeable, supportive and creative in their teaching. I feel I gained much more confidence in not only my knowledge base for all aspects of yoga but my public speaking as well. I definitely left feeling knowledgeable, confident and ready to teach!”
~Sara Helland, Massage Therapist, Maui, HI
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“Wisdom Flow teacher training completely changed my idea about being a yoga teacher. When I enrolled I was excited to learn, but was nervous about the prospect of teaching the public. Jennifer Lynn’s curriculum gave me greater understanding of the practice, as well as the skills and confidence I needed to appreciate my own ability to share the teachings with my community. I believe Wisdom Flow training is unique. Not only does it dive deeply into the essence and history of the lineage, more importantly it gives us the tools and experience to be ready to lead.
Mahalo Jen and Tom for the amazing opportunity!”
~Sarah Gray, Bartender and Roller Derby Queen, Maui HI
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“Thank you so much for all of your knowledge and inspiration during our recent Wisdom Flow Yoga teacher training. After careful consideration of many programs in various different locations, I am 110% pleased I made the right choice by wisdom flow. Your combined experience and teaching style is monumental and I can’t wait to pass that along to others. I feel like I have unlimited tools and resources for the entire process of evolving as a yoga teacher, and the support and confidence to stand behind what I’m teaching. I truly appreciate everything and have a new love for yoga thanks to the amazing teachers and people I spent an intensive two weeks with :)
~Jamie Small, Hostess, Maui, HI
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“I attended The Wisdom Flow Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2012 with the intention of refining my personal practice as well having the long-term goal of developing into a competent teacher at some point in the future; perhaps after even multiple teacher training sessions. After the first couple of days into training, I began to feel empowered in ways I had not expected. The ongoing training continued to expand this awareness and confidence in myself and my ability to become an effect, fun and skilled yoga instructor. Thanks to the well thought out and organized approach that both Jennifer Lynn and Tom Machado applied to my training, I am looking forward to teaching after my first 200 hour session. I am grateful to have started the journey as a teacher with Jennifer and Tom of Wisdom Flow.”
~Tish Brook, Exotic Flower Artist, Yoga Teacher, Maui, HI
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“Jen’s firm yet encouraging guidance helped me overcome my nerves about standing at the front of a group and teaching yoga to real students, as her training including so much experiential learning. Then somehow, she jam packed info on how to voice and assist in virtually every posture and still kicked our butt in classes.”
~Dawn Hamilton, Yoga Teacher, Maui HI