Joy is the way! The Yoga Sutras, Abraham Hicks, Ramtha and many other teachers remind us that reality is not coming at us… Reality is coming from us. We are co-creating our life experience with our divine Source.  And together we are co-creating the flow of human evolution. Our thoughts, visions and our feelings about them create an attractive magnetism that draws people and events to us that match our vibration. As we think/feel, so shall we be. And we are always free to choose our thoughts and therefore direct our energy.  This is why one of the Yoga Sutras says simply, “Use Joy.” When we approach life with joyful willingness to see the good and be the good… our attitude keeps us non-resistant and moving with and trusting the flow of Source.  In this connected ease-full flow we receive and give joy and betterment effortlessly.   Joseph Campbell described the true spiritual path when he said, “Follow your Bliss”.   The journey is the gift and the ride is meant to be sweet.  We know this because when the ride is sweet we feel good and when it is bumpy we don’t. Take a few minutes to listen to this clear explanation of Wisdom Flow Philosophy…

But even the bumpy patches are part of the gift for the wisdom and strength we gain from them allows us to receive and give even more joy when we return to our natural well being. The yoga path is one of many that hones our ability to transmute challenge into opportunity, problems into new creations. The power of our practiced thoughts is both frightening and exciting. Frightening because it means we are responsible for changing what we don’t like about our lives. No one else can do it for us. Playing the victim will not get us anywhere and does not serve our greater good. If we choose to live consciously, if we’ve chosen a spiritual path, we empower ourselves to be our own solution. This is the exciting part… We have unlimited potential not only to solve problems but to create realities that are beyond our wildest dreams. Yes, we can have abundance and rejuvenation, world peace, environmental harmony, unity and community so strong that we care about everyone in our neighborhood and we know they care about us. We can do anything if we put our mind to it and let the positive emotions flow through the vision.

This is challenging when our current circumstances are in contrast to where we want to be. But what is more satisfying than moving ourselves through challenges to a new and better place? As Abraham Hicks says, “We want you to remember, there is nothing you cannot be do or have and we want to assist you in achieving that. But we love where you are right now even if you do not because we understand how joyful the journey (from where you are now to where you want to go) will be.”

Our physical practice reminds us of our power to use our intention, our intelligence and our will power to make known the unknown. We witness ourselves doing things that once felt impossible and our confidence grows. We can touch our toes where as last year we could barely bend forward. We can hold handstand in the middle of the room while talking to a friend and there was a time that looked like science fiction. Our physical practice encourages us to keep unfolding more expansive realities so we never forget that we are great creators. As Ramtha reminds us often, “God is not in some celestial real-estate called Heaven. God is within you.” How else could God unfold divine will through us if the creative power of God were not within each of us? Our practice is to fire it up and use it to create joyful expansion and well-being. We begin with our bodies and minds on the mat and the rest unfolds effortlessly.