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Karma Yoga – Offering Free Yoga – For the Love of it

Celine Rapp generously offers a Free Yoga class at Wisdom Flow Studio once a month.  She calls it Karma Yoga.  Are you intrigued by yoga but not ready to join classes?  Are you curious and looking for a class where you can explore and ask questions?  Well you've found it.  You will see a Free [...]

Maui Mists – Essential Oils, Botanical Custom Blends and More

Maui Mists offers Essential Oil Mists and Custom Blends made from 100% pure organic essential oils.  With a 30 minute intake process we generate a blend to balance your mind body and spirit.  For example, if you are a struggling with hot flashes, I might suggest a blend of sage, lemon with evening primrose oil [...]

Energy Clearing Ceremonies – November December 2017 Maui

Sound is medicine.  Clear strong vibration with pure intention can be deeply healing.  We are happy to invite our community for two evenings of meditation, clearing and deep connection with our hearts. Sunday November 26th and Sunday December 10th. We will be gathering at 6:20 pm in Wisdom Flow Yoga's beautiful Red Studio to settle [...]

Kaiut Yoga – Yoga on the Floor?

What is Kaiut Yoga? Kaiut Yoga is a perfect entryway for anyone who’s felt intrigued by yoga but has been hesitant to explore. This gentle method is designed to target the rigidity within our bodies and encourages a release of tensions. Whether you’re a parent with a 9 to 5 job, an athlete with a [...]

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Yoga is with no doubt an excellent tool when we want to stay healthy over 50. As the body changes as we get older, people starts to experience chronic pain due to poor posture or injuries but also arthritis, loss of muscle tone and balance. Yoga has what you need to alleviate the symptoms of [...]

Fun Fitness is Easy Fitness – Zumba

It's not easy to motivate to work out. Especially when we are building new habits, it can be easy to drop back into old patterns of avoidance. But when our fitness program means having fun with friends, laughing, and moving to great music... Oh it gets easy to show up. That is the gift Jena [...]

Kids Yoga with Dr. Tamara Evans – Monday and Thursday Afternoons

Octopus Kids Yoga offers movement, mindfulness, relaxation, and fun to kids, ages 2-11. Starting June 26, 2017 Octopus Kids yoga classes will be available on-going at Wisdom Flow Studio.  See schedule for details Who teaches Octopus Kids classes?  Dr. Tamara Evans is a certified Kids Yoga teacher.  Dr. Evans has worked with kids for over [...]

Kid’s Theater Class – Upcountry

Children’s Theater Classes at Wisdom Flow Yoga Theatre Vitale! is calling all children! Come! and work and play in a fun and exciting skill building, team building Theater, Movement and Performing Arts experience as we create new stories, characters and their adventures. Hmmm...there’s  mystery in the air, a “who’s who?” and “what’s That?” story. Bring [...]

Enjoy CranioSacral Therapy in a Safe Comfortable Space

I recently received a craniosacral session from Shanna Shanti in the Wisdom Flow Yoga Studio.  Her intelligence and compassion combined with the safe serene energy of the studio took me to deep places in both my physical and psycho-emotional bodies.  Without sharing one detail about my history, Shanna intuitively knew the areas of my body [...]

Somatics Upcountry – Sustainable Healing – Wednesdays 3:30PM

Gently Reprogram Body and Mind for Sustainable Healing, Freedom and Strength. Hanna Somatic Education classes utilize the exploration of movements performed in a specific way to improve muscular control, gain freedom of movement, increase flexibility, improve posture and core stability.   Through neuromuscular retraining, muscles that have learned to become habitually contracted in response to stressful [...]